Contact Lens Services

Why purchase your contacts through us and not from the big box stores or online?

Advantages Vision Plus Others
Satisfaction guaranteed. No charge replacement if your contacts accidentally tear or the box is defective Yes No
Prescription or non-Rx sunglasses discount with purchase of annual supply of contacts 25% off 0% off
Latest and best contact lens materials for better breathability and relieves digital strain from computers Yes No*
Direct bill to insurance; no need to submit receipts for reimbursement Yes No
No charge 2 business days shipping for most orders Yes No


*not available at Costco


Price comparison examples

Brands Vision Plus 1800contacts Costco
Biofinity Multifocals (per box for annual supply) $60.00* $69.99* $64.87
Acuvue 1 Day Moist (per box for annual supply) $51.00* $61.00* $52.79
Acuvue Oasys (annual supply) $185* $229 $183.50

*After rebates for annual supply

Atlas 9000 Corneal Topographer

In our continuing efforts to provide the best eye care to our patients, we have purchased the Atlas 9000 Corneal Topographer. This computer assisted diagnostic machine allows us to take topographical, 3-D maps of the front of your eye, the cornea, so that we can ensure you get the  best fitting contact lenses. In addition, this machine helps us diagnose and treat corneal diseases such as keratoconus, corneal abrasions,  corneal scars, and corneal deformities. Lastly, corneal topography can help your doctor better plan LASIK and evaluate post cataract surgery astigmatism.

contact lenses in Redmond

contact lenses in RedmondIn addition to using the latest technology in diagnostic equipment, we also offer to our patients the latest in contact lens technology. Have you ever been told your prescription is outside the parameters of conventional contacts? Have you ever wished your contacts could correct for that little bit of uncorrected astigmatism? With SpecialEyes contacts, we can custom make any prescription, size, or shape contacts to optimize your visual acuity.

Just as “one-size-fits-all” clothing doesn’t actually suit every body, off-the-shelf contact lenses simply aren’t designed to fit every eye. Ordering commodity lenses is a lot like purchasing clothes off the rack whereas SpecialEyes  contacts are like a tailor made suit, made to enhance your vision.